Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still I'm Gonna Miss You

Judy O'Donnell
Norman Proulx
Janet Steeves
Chris Beneman
Jean Wyman
Peggy Murray
Cheslye Ventimiglia
Jean McQuaid
Mary Longley

Monica Aaskov

I completed my six week teaching gig with the Falmouth painting group last Tuesday, and really missed seeing them all yesterday! Here are their pieces from the last class. The assignment was Steal That Painting, self portraits created by pirating a famous or not so famous work. Some of the sources are obvious, some more obscure. (How many can you identify?)


William R. Moore said...

Martha, Another good assignment.

Judy O'Donnell---?Francis Bacon?
Norman Proulx---Matisse, or Picasso or one of the German Expressionist---Kirchner?
Janet Steeves---Da Vinci
The Chris Beneman---Miller ? reminds me of a favorite sculpture: Untitled Relic by Bonteccu
Jean Wyman ---Edvard Munch, The Scream
Peggy Murray---maybe Matisse? or another of the Fauves except for the color.
Cheslye Ventimiglia ---Vemeer
Jean McQuaid---?doesn't ring any bells.
Mary Longley---?Nothing
Monica Aaskov----Renoir

Fun playing along but don't think I did so well

You probably know ...Ron Wood was trained as a commercial artist in the English High School System. I think he may have done one of The Rolling Stones' albums.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Sound like a fun project--I'd like to try that one!