Sunday, February 27, 2011

Night Windows

Night window reflections while teaching Life Drawing at Maine College of Art.


Susan Beauchemin said...

Looks like a set on stage in a theater.

Brad Gailey said...

Why aren't you Using them as a basis for a composition.

Anonymous said...

these are cool!

martha, do you know any methods for
creating whitenoise (like on a tv set to
a non-channel) using DRY medium?

i've decided to make randomness my midterm
and am looking for any help i can get.

so far i've just been layering blacks,
greys and whites and removing them,
smearing them with my hands, etc.
but eventually i want to make it look
grainy like tv static.



martha miller said...

hi sue - yes, it does!

hi brad - good idea!

hi marc - thanks! re:white noise - try this: paint a layer of black ink and let it dry, then draw over it using the side of a white pastel. (i like rembrandt pastels - peel the paper off of it first!)