Monday, February 21, 2011


Playing in photoshop with the charcoal drawing I made from a projected slide of my father holding me. Eggs - whole, and broken open, constellations, areolae, the universe, brains, an ovum being fertilized, eyes, veiny retinas....all these images emerged as I adjusted levels and color balance.....


Anonymous said...

gimp! (
sorry, i have to blurt that every time i hear photoshop :)

martha miller said...

i'd never heard of it! it's a free program?

Susan Beauchemin said...

I have to blurt out I ever found my way around photoshop, I used picnik and I still do for certain things!

I like the drawing of Dad holding you--captures Dad in a simple line--looks so familiar. I always think of the word familiar when thinking about family--same word origin I guess.

I'm rambling and the word V is rablamme!

Anonymous said...

it /is/ free.
and open source.

i can't say how it compares to photoshop
since i've never used photoshop. we are
very open source people in our house :)