Sunday, October 17, 2010


My genius daughter-in-law Tracey figured out how to download my pictures. She imported new software, and it worked! Something wacky is going on with my camera, though. It may be on its last legs. But for now, I am back in business! (Thankyou, Tracey!!!)

Here is the portrait of my Great Grandfather Godfrey, taken from this photo of him from 1921, when he was a new grandfather. My mother's "Grampa Godfrey" was a farmer who lived in Apponaug, Rhode Island, and Mom often spoke fondly of having delicious summer suppers of just corn on the cob, straight from his garden.

I have several more portraits to share! I'll be in my studio this afternoon, documenting away, and will post them soon!


Dean Grey said...

Glad you got some of the glitches out, Martha!


martha miller said...

me, too!! :^D