Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fine Tuning the Spirits

Great Grandfather Godfrey
36" x 36"

Great Grandfather Adelbert Congdon
36" x 36"

Great Grandmother Harriet Bullock Congdon
36" x 36"

Some of the portraits for my upcoming Mything Persons exhibit will be more "finished" than others. I will leave some of the drawings more gestural and loose. I just want them all to have a presence...
Here are three of the more finished ones. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on these drawings to this degree of "finish" - it's so satisfying! I used to think that only my fast and loose drawings had any interest or value, when an older and wiser artist friend of mine said, "Martha, these are just two different ways of working - one is not better than than the other."
Words to remember...


Dean Grey said...

Wait a minute, Martha!

At one time you talked about using old windows as frames for these portraits.

Has that idea changed since then?


martha miller said...

yes, i decided not to. too distracting!