Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cat On a Hot Wood Dock

Ashley Bryan
Ricky Alley (cat!)
Kait and Marian setting up the auction items on the dock.
Martha Miller
Martha Miller
Martha Miller
A cute customer sporting spotted attire.
More cat art inside the gallery on the dock.

The (fee)line: Eager bidders.

Martha Miller
Kitty Litter Cake made by an island teen. (Ewww! Definitely the "Poop" de Gras! :^D)

Customers paying up and collecting their kitty loot.
A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in a silent art auction out on Little Cranberry Island. Every other year Islesford Pottery hosts a fundraiser for the island with a themed auction. Themes from years past have included rabbits, turtles, and owls. This year the theme was cats. Weeks ahead of the event Marian Baker and Kaitlyn Duggan, who run the shop, provided clay and tools for anyone who wanted to make a pottery or sculpture item, then glazed and fired the work. All other cat related art was happily welcomed. I spent a couple of blissful afternoons gathering rocks and painting them with acrylics. What fun - I felt like I was at summer camp, and twelve again! The auction brought in some very comical and interesting artwork, including a cake that looked exactly like...well, you can see for yourself what it looked exactly like. (Amazing what foolery grapenuts, tootsie rolls, and chocolate frosting can create!)
This year's raised funds will go towards winterizing The Neighborhood House.
Good cause, good times!


Brad Gailey said...

Really, Martha, "cats?" Oh, and from your last post, I love junkyards, the old ruin of a pickup truck was great.


martha miller said...

Hi Brad!

Don'tcha like cats? Meow! Care to venture a guess on the year and make of that old truck??

Brad Gailey said...

I'm more of a dog person but, one of the neighbor's cats seems to have taken a shine to me and hangs around when I'm outside working so, yeah I like cats alright, just don't want them to get too uppity. 'Cat thy name is uppity,' might be something there. I'd say the ruins are of a late thirties vintage, Ford, hard to tell.