Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blame the Planets

I've been following Tilly Strauss's divorce document journey on her blog with compassion and fascination. How courageous, healing, and immensely satisfying to put one's pain directly on paper and bind it tidily together in a little book, then put it all to bed.
The photo above seemed an apt illustration to the topic. This was taken by one of the students in my Mixed Media Portraiture class at the Farnsworth this spring - I told the model that I would strike a pose, and asked him to respond to it. Of course with my head down, I couldn't see him, but heard the group chuckle and cluck, then one woman remarked, "Oh, God. Typical male/female scenario."


Begnaud said...

Great scene

Showing Up for the Muse said...

Oh- I love it! Thanks for the laugh. What a ham, and soul sister you are!