Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lillie Evelyn Congdon

Lillie, around age 14 or so, drying her hair in the backyard, and peeling potatoes. Love the little clothesline with pins behind her. LOVE this image.

Lillie on the left, with her sister-in-law, Mary, at a county fair. Terrific hats!!!

Lillie at her home in East Greenwich, RI, with an old beau who is wearing WWI garb...

Lillie front and center.
My Gramma.
Next week I will be back to working on my charcoal portrait series. I've been sidetracked by other projects, but plan to spend time downtown in my studio starting on Monday! I have so many great images to work from, thanks to the scanning prowess of my cousin Jon!


Brad Gailey said...

These are great fodder for art, especially the photo of Lillie drying her hair and the photo of her and her beau. Combined with the architectural background, carefully cropped, it could be quite evocative.
I also, as you have seen from some of my work, like to use group photos (softball teams, school photos) for subject matter. The multiple personality dynamic is fun to explore.


Dean Grey said...


I adore the colors and composition of the second photo.

Great hats indeed!


KaHolly said...

What wonderful pictures to work from! ~karen

Susan Beauchemin said...

Oh!! Just look at Gramma in the first picture! Was it unusual for such a casual picture to be taken--I wonder who took it? I wish I could see this in color--didn't she have red or auburn hair?