Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brainstorm Studio Sale!

Mother's Day is fast approaching! When my sister and I were kids, we always fixed our Mom breakfast in bed with a tray bedecked with homemade cards, pretty napkins, and flowers from the yard...


pink and green mama MaryLea said...


I just couldn't help myself -- as soon as I saw your Gramma's cloth I had to have it so I splurged and treated myself to my own mother's day gift -- I'll wait to unwrap it on Mom's day (I added some napkins too -- so bright and beautiful!!)

Thank you! They are absolutely beautiful and will be family heirlooms-- I know my daughters will love them as much as I do. AS a third (actually more than that!) generation quilter and sewer I just love them and of course as an artist I love the colors and your daughter's GORGEOUS Mandalas!!!

(aka Pink and Green Mama)

martha miller said...

Oh, THANKYOU, MaryLea!

What a great idea to treat yourself!! May these linens bring you and yours daily joy!

Many Blessings!
(aka Rainbow Mama/Gramma :^)

Dean Grey said...

The colorful table runner steals the show!


martha miller said...

Thankyou, Dean!