Friday, February 12, 2010

Studio Corners

My studio. Ordered chaos.

At the start of my freshman year at URI in 1972, I was assigned a room with a young woman named Dawn Paul whom I had not yet met. When I first entered the room, I saw that Dawn had arrived earlier and made up her bed with a simple patchwork quilt. There might have been one poster. That was it. Immediately I began to unpack my "gypsy" trunks and proceeded to paint and glue and collage all sorts of images to the wall above my bed. Later that day Dawn returned with a friend. After we had all introduced ourselves, her friend walked over to my side of the room to study my "installation." He was quiet for a moment, then turned to Dawn and stated flatly, "I believe you've been out-freaked."
Ha ha.

Imagery abounds in my home, but it does not look like my studio. Sometimes I think that I will clear my studio all out and have just one or two pictures on the wall, but who am I kidding?

What does your workspace look like??


Susan Beauchemin said...

Did Dawn Paul write those books? I like your wall cluttered studio!

KaHolly said...

It is a busy place, but perhaps it wouldn't be YOU otherwise!!! ~karen

Dean Grey said...

What a gorgeous studio space, Martha!

LOADED with images, fun, and creativity! It's bursting at the a really great way!

I could sit, stare, and drool in that room all day!


martha miller said...

Sue, Dawn has written a couple of books! Cool, huh? We'll have to read them!!

martha miller said...

Hi Karen!

You're right, it wouldn't be me. This is the preverbial room of her own!

martha miller said...

Dean, if you are ever in town, you are welcome to come up and sit, and I'll do your portrait while you stare and drool! (tee hee!)

Unknown said...

Martha, I love the way your studio looks. I'd like to sit there, like Dean, and just soak it all in.

martha miller said...

thankyou, deborah! xo