Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'm in my Portland studio today, doing a couple of blogposts, and working on a portrait. At home in Woolwich we are on day three of no power. High winds on Friday knocked down trees and powerlines. So we've been flushing our toilets with water from the stream, heating with the woodstove, cooking on the gas range, washing dishes in the snow, and reading by candlelight. It's felt very good to be off the grid. I'm thinking of making this a practice - no radio, no TV, and no computer for one day a week. Ahhhhh....


Susan Beauchemin said...

You're right it does feel good! There is something real good about the days without electricity--like the Laura and Mary days--so P would say.

Anonymous said...

i think that you should can the percolator. that would be better said like say seeya later to the percolator. on account of ain't that aluminum, and perc coffe acids my stomach, compared to drip. so in closing i would like to urge you to a. can old perky
b. get a cone
c. drip....drip.....drip

martha miller said...

hey, anon (who i suspect to be mikie...)....oooh, you are right, but that percolator is so damned cute!

Dean Grey said...


Sounds ABSOLUTELY lovely and romantic!!

Washing dishes in the snow, huh? I've never heard that before until now!