Friday, February 19, 2010

A February Afternoon

Indoors, outdoors. Baking bread, gathering kindling, building a fire. It's all art, isn't it?


Susan Beauchemin said...

"...It's all art isn't it?" I read outloud to little P this morning, to which grampa within hearing range, sarcastically and immediately says "no". Little P, turns to me and says imploringly, "Yes...Yes it is!!"

martha miller said...

P does know the right way of it, mmmm hmmmmm! true!

artslice said...

Yes, it is all art! The bread looks scrumptious... The tiles on the fireplace are lovely. Such warm visions!

Dean Grey said...

Yes it is indeed, Martha!

I bet your kitchen smelled wonderful with those loaves baking in the oven.

Gorgeous outdoor shots, too! Those trees look amazing!


martha miller said...

hey, all! hope you're having an artful weekend! xo