Friday, January 29, 2010


I've been up to my knees in snowflakes - paper ones and real ones! Here are some of my daughter Lisbeth's shirts, hanging in the big pine tree out back and on the clothesline, waiting to be photographed, yesterday and today. Today was not a day for fingerless gloves - we have a wicked wind chill happening here in Maine, and I nearly got frostbite taking these pics!!! Lisbeth's shop is doing well! We've had 22 sales already! I am so pleased, and so is Lisbeth.
And look what came in the mail this afternoon! My two fabric swatches from Spoonflower! These are designs that I sent in about a week ago. I am very excited! Infinite fabric possibilities!! I just sent in single mandalas for these sample swatches, but Spoonflower can do repeats and patterns - I can make layers of them in photoshop with some opaque and some transparent - they can over lap - I can take fragments of the mandalas and play with those - I can play with scale....agh! So many ideas!!!! But to start, I like the single image. This will make great throw pillows, table napkins, QUILT SQUARES! Imagine a quilt made with all different Lisbeth mandalas, in all different colors!!!!! Or, in a more subtle monochromatic color scheme! Ahhhhh, fun times ahead...


KaHolly said...

I know I live under a rock, but how come I didn't know about your other blog before tonight?? Love those t-shirts! What an excellent project and with such potential.

martha miller said...

Hi Karen!

I just started my other blog this month! Thankyou for following! Yes, there is alot of potential with Lisbeth's designs. I have hundreds of them that I am busy photographing and categorizing! Fun.

Susan Beauchemin said...

The fabric!! I just can't wait!!

Dean Grey said...


You really are keeping busy!

I love the shots of the shirts blowing in the wind!

Hmmm, you can change the scale of the mandalas, huh?

They might look even better on the shirts if they were reduced in size slightly and placed near the center of the chest. Almost like a logo or crest!

Just a suggestion!


martha miller said...

Hi Sue! Yes! FABRIC! *rubbing hands together*

martha miller said...

Dean! I like that suggestion! I will do that with some shirts in my next order! Thanks! xo