Friday, October 23, 2009


Some corners of my home in Woolwich. I've been painting walls, sewing curtains and pillows, rearranging, cleaning out closets and re-organizing STUFF. Still a ways to go. After being away from the house part-time for five years, there is alot to do to get it in order. I enjoy chaos as part of my creative process, but I do not enjoy living in chaos! I made it back into my studio earlier this week to start the organizing process there as well. When I get everything whipped into shape in the studio (and it will require a whipping!) I will get back to my art. I read this horoscope on-line last night, and it really fits for what my fall has been about! Here's what astrobarry had to say:

Pisces...I'd like you to starting looking ahead to 2010, when benevolent blessing-bestower Jupiter will spend a good chunk of the year in your sign, bringing you an expanded vision of what you as an individual are capable of. Jupiter in one's sign usually delivers a memorable year, so I'm already getting excited for you. In preparation for this, use Mars's new long-term residence in your 6th for an attack on whatever unfinished work you've left to gather dust for too long now—your disorganized papers, your mediocre day-to-day job performance, your out-of-shape body, your household projects or other nagging chores whispering for your attention. Clear the decks during this tail end of '09. (my emphasis!) Make way for a bigger you.


Have a great weekend everyone!



...I am right there swimming figure eights along with you.

Let's get this party started. ;P

Clean & Cozy & Cared for...that was a good representation. Thanks.

Let's well, live swell, and enjoy the ride.

Dean Grey said...

You keep your home exceptionally neat and organized, Martha!

I'm impressed!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Oh very nice!!! I just love your home and I'd be so happy to be there to feel how nice everything is! Wow, I thought I was doing a bit of cleaning and clearing, but noooo--not half of what you've been up to!