Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recycled Photo-litho Plate Self Portrait

4th of July Self, 2009
acrylic and oil pastel on used photo-litho plate, 15" x 22"

A self-portrait that I did in July on a used photo-litho plate. I think that it is aluminum. I can't print with it any longer because it has been exposed to light. It was fun to work on metal!


artslice said...

Super cool idea! It must have felt different working on metal. Enjoy the rest of summer, Martha :)

Don Gray said...

Such rich color and energy--beautifully done. And all the small images tucked away throughout the picture are intriguing.

Jack said...

That really nice idea..U have done a great job..keep it going..Thanks for the post..
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Carol Anne Strange said...

What a fantastic way to recycle a photo-litho plate. I love your self-portrait, Martha. x