Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beyond the Pale

Birthday Self with Kaitlyn's Mask, I, 2009

Birthday Self with Kaitlyn's Mask, II, 2009

It's amazing how a photographic image can be digitally manipulated. Case in point, the story behind my current avatar. I took these self-portraits on my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I pushed the contrast until that mask just lit up! I love how my face becomes white and mask-like in the second photo, and how my hand in both top photos becomes the color of burning embers.

Fun with photoshop. I may do some drawings based on these images. Or, I may have them printed with archival inks on Rives BFK with a large white border, and enhance and draw around them with pastels. I'm wanting to do something more with my digital images, and this would be a fun way to mix up the media a bit. I have a hard time doing JUST digital. I need to get my hands into it somehow. It's interesting, I just took a test on Facebook (they have a million foolish tests to take, like which Golden Girl character are you? [Rose] and which painting are you? [Warhol's Marilyn Monroe] and who were you in a past life? [Picasso] and what fantasy creature are you? [a unicorn] and what famous movie actress are you? [Audrey Hepburn] ok, ok, I'll stop. You get the point, I fall for them all. I'm a rediculous sucker for that stuff!)
But the one test that I took that really resonates for me is What Color is Your Aura? Mine is orange. I would have guessed this. I never ever wear orange, but I have often felt that if I had to put a color to my spirit, it would be orange. The orange personality description feels accurate, especially this piece:
Orange personalities love to imagine and plan strategies for their next adventure or project and then put those plans into action. They need to be involved in the actual working process and want to physically shape and form their own ideas (my highlighting).
Yes, I am definitely a hands on type when it comes to art making!!!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I very much like the changes in your photos. I think printing on great paper and then adding pastel or such would be a great project! I find just digital work to be rather slick and needs the touch of a hand.
What quiz did you take that speaks of color? I would be interested in finding my color.

Brad Gailey said...

I'm posting paintings that are executed in Photoshop on my blog now. I find it can be the same experience as hand work. I like to use it as a way to work out color schemes, do mock ups, and even pieces that can stand alone or be used in presentations for instance on my blog. I'm also playing with printing and overprinting in layers, I'll let you know how that goes.


martha miller said...

hey blue sky

i think that you have to be on facebook to do the color test. here is a link to the test - see if you can do it! let me know how it turns out!

martha miller said...

hey, brad!

i'll pop over for a look at your new work!

Ellie said...

Hi Martha, Im counting the days because Im going back to LB with Alec for two weeks. Take care. xoxo

martha miller said...

Hi Ellie!

That's wonderful! Safe travels and give Alec a big hug for me!!!
Love your pictures on your blog - of your family and of the glorious place you in which you live!