Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lisbeth Miller's Magnificent Mandalas

let us spray...

the artist at work

aren't they incredible?


one of Lisbeth's designs on a long sleeved tee shirt

I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon sorting through a large bag full of my daughter Lisbeth's paper snowflakes. I ironed and spray painted several of them black, then mounted them on archival colored paper and put them in square black frames to sell on my etsy shop. We have sold shirts silk screened with Lisbeth's snowflakes in the past, and they have been very popular. (I'm not sure if I can sell these on etsy because I had a local commercial silk-screener print them for me...I'm looking into that...)
Lisbeth is working towards financial independence, and I've intended for some time to create other products using her delightful designs. Lisbeth has cut thousands of these snowflakes, or mandalas, over the years, and like true snowflakes, no two are alike. They are remarkable - intricate and sophisticated - and she cuts cleanly and beautifully despite a significant hand tremor (caused by one of her anti-epileptic meds). Lisbeth uses no pattern or pre-drawn plan - she simply traces around a plate on paper, folds the circle, and starts cutting free form. That's when the magic begins. She's amazing!

As I stated in a past post, Lisbeth refers to the snowflakes as "brains" and she tells about all the objects and creatures that she sees in the designs - deer antlers, women's high heels, birds, frogs, spiders, babies, people holding hands, etc. Lisbeth's prolific production of "brain snowflakes" is poignant given that she has a traumatic brain injury and uncontrolled seizures, and clusters of seizures just happen to be known as "flurries." It's as if with each perfect snowflake and design, Lis is showing us her beautiful brain.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Martha, My mouth is still wide open...looking at each one of these truly beautiful mandalas. Your daughter is truly creating perfect "brain snowflakes". The tshirt is wonderful and should be an easy seller!


Amazing, wild and lovely!

The Brain and the Soul both fascinate
me the way the work together, and blossom in ways that we could not deign if we tried. Left alone they flourish in amazing ways.

TED talks: Jill Bolte Taylor

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

These are so beautiful. Your daughter is a very talented artist, just like her mother. : ) Lovely.Just....Lovely.

martha miller said...

thankyou blue sky - yes, aren't they just amazing??

martha miller said...

thankyou, teri! for sure, lisbeth has blossomed in ways that i never could have predicted, especially after the hard onset of her illness. i am amazed, in awe, and so grateful.

martha miller said...

thankyou for your kind words, pink green mama!!


Really, there are so many things to be done with those "flurry-mandalas".

Perfect as they are: sold "as is" on etsy for sure...make up her own shop or section. Tell her story there.
together make up the wall and window decals!..huge market.

martha miller said...

thanks for your ideas and support, teri!