Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Card

reduction relief print with multi-colored inks and blue glitter

yellow envelopes

I holed up in my studio yesterday afternoon and finished my Christmas cards. As is the usual case with print projects (mine, anyway) they came out looking different than I expected. I made a couple of goofs while carving - the figure is supposed to have an all blue face, but I had started the carving on the face before I realized that I was preparing for the orange layer. So she has an orange and blue face. And she came out looking rather wistful - I added a smile to the top pic using photoshop - I might have to dink with the mouth on these with a marker! Or not! Depends on time at this point. It may be that they are what they are. I was so tired at 7:00 last night when I finished these that I had to stop looking at them (you know how that is?) and go home, put my feet up and eat something. I hadn't counted on a snowstorm when I walked to my studio earlier (wearing sneakers) and when I left last night it was 9 degrees and the snow was really blowing and drifting. I was very glad to get back to my warm apartment! And this morning it was just 6 degrees. We are due for a blizzard tomorrow, and there's another storm heading our way on Christmas Eve! Brrrrrr......


artslice said...

Oh wow Martha... these turned out so great!!! I really like the color combos. The lucky ones who will be receiving these in the mail we be thrilled. :) You've inspired me to try a reductive print (haven't done one in ages)...we'll see what happens.

martha miller said...

Oh, thankyou Brenda! I wasn't sure if I liked them or not - you know how that goes - I'll see how they look to me today when I fetch them from my studio!
Yes, do try a reductive print! It's really alot of fun!

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

You are so thoughtful and creative! What a treat to get this in the mail among the mishmash.

martha miller said...

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as in, i was really on the fench about these, but your feedback along with brenda's is making me feel a bit better about them!!

happy mishmash, captain! someone this week said the holidays can feel like hollow daze - ha - i like that!

Susan Beauchemin said...

I love the cards and hope I have one coming my way! I have a handful of cards that I've saved over the years--many are yours. It sort of looks like she has a hollow dazy gaze--which I like! because I can relate!! I say keep it the way it is! BRRRR---stay warm!
The word verification is exclog--such as what I hope for all the drains in my house during the hoidays and the new year--we'll toast with eggnog to exclog!

martha miller said...

Thanks, Sue the Woo!

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Donst forget to gather round the Yule Log when you drink a toast with eggnog to exclog!

Big Nor'easter heading our way today! Time to batten down the hatch...