Friday, October 31, 2008

Tim Clorius

Portland painter Tim Clorius sat for me yesterday in his workspace at The Artist Studio where we are neighbors. I worked on his portrait for a couple of hours then took these photos which I will use as reference material to complete the drawing. Tim has work up now in Whitney Artworks Walker Terrace Window and will be in a two man show at Whitney Artworks main gallery this coming April!

An excerpt from Tim's website:
Tim Clorius was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany. He received his education in fine arts and painting from the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, where he currently lives and works as a painter.
Tim brings a postmodern sensibility to his work which is frequently influenced by his love for graffiti art and his life as an aerosol artist by the name of
SUBONE. His interest in exploring the potentials as well as the boundaries that exist in regards to the visual and social “hybridization” of more traditional forms of contemporary art and graffiti art has been a major theme in his public works as well as in his studio practice.
Working with students in Maine since 2002
SUBONE has become synonymous with the advocacy of the potentials graffiti art possesses to enhance communities and foster civic engagement.

More about this portrait soon!


artslice said...

This paraticular picture really makes me think of Alice Neel's style! Maybe it's the hands or the expression? Am loving this portrait series!

martha miller said...

thanks, brenda!

you know i love alice!