Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Further Extension of Self

So while my students were doing their self-portraits (see the last 2 posts) I took a few photos of my reflection in the big windows of the MECA classroom where I teach. Being a teacher is an extension of my self, and Congress Street, which you see in my reflection, is also an extension of who I am. During the week I walk that street daily to go to my studio and to teach (I like how my figure is aligned with the yellow stripe of the road in the first photograph...)

I also started this tempera and pastel self-portrait looking at my reflection in the night window.


Captain Nick Sparrow said...

That looks like a really fun class! My goal is to take an art class in the next year. Too bad I don't live in Portland.

martha miller said...

It is alot of fun! I hope you can find something nearby!