Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mind Body Makeover

I bought this deck of Mind Body Makeover Cards at my doctor's office, Women to Women in Yarmouth recently. I have 3 decks of Tarot Cards, too, and a deck of cards called Women Who Dare. I'm a sucker for images in multiples! (A big reason why I majored in Printmaking...)

From the back of the Guidebook that comes with the cards:
These cards were created by neuropsychiatrist/medical intuitive Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D., to help you rewire the emotional patterns that increase your chance of succumbing to physical illness, depression, and anxiety. This 70-card deck is accompanied by an instruction booklet that offers a variety of practical ways to tap in to your intuitive abilities by being aware of your emotions, thoughts, and physical symptoms.

Each card has an unhealthy thought, and on the flip side, its opposite, positive affirmation. There are ten "suits:" five different Feeling Suits, and five different Action/Health Reaction Suits.

I'm in the process of further promoting my art, especially my commissioned portraiture, and my private teaching. I'm really trying to advocate for myself and put (push) myself out there more in terms of earning more income. This is hard for me to do, for different known and unknown reasons.
So I pulled this card.


Candy Barr said...

My artist girlfriend could use a set of these right She spends summers doing her sculpture on Bois Blanc Island in Michigan. That isolated life can creep up on you! She has one more stone carving commission before summer ends. Thanks Martha

martha miller said...

She can buy them on-line, or perhaps she has a birthday coming up?? Great gift idea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips about the cards -- those are great! You are so lucky to be able to go to the actual Women to Women clinic. I read the website -- -- info is great.

martha miller said...

Hi Jacqueline

Thanks for dropping in! yes, I am very fortunate. Women to Women is an ecellent group - I feel very nurtured and there is a big focus on preventative medicine - what we can do to stay healthy. And they have been especially helpful and supportive regarding menopausal issues! One day I was in the waiting room with a woman who had travelled up from Georgia, just see a doctor at Women to Women! She liked what she saw on their website and decided to fly up and see them! (I suppose if money were no object...I'm glad that I'm just a 15 minute drive away!)

martha miller said...

I need a typist.

ecellent = excellent, I and meant to type "just to see a doctor"

Anonymous said...

Wow, all the way up from Georgia?! Just goes to show what good care will compel us to do. I am on the NH/MA border and am about 2 hours from Portland, so the Women to Women clinic wouldn't be that much of a stretch. I'm actually inspired now. If they accept my insurance, I'm there! In the meantime, the awesome website will work just fine! ;-)