Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Garry's Weekend Harvests

My husband Garry harvested his garlic this past weekend, just in time for the 11th annual Garlic Festival that we will attend at our friends' home in Woolwich this coming Saturday. Nice looking crop! He always hangs the garlic to dry in an old tree by our fence after he's harvested and cleaned it. After it's dry, he will cut the stems and trim the beards off before storing it for the winter. This is a stiff neck garlic and an hierloom variety called Music that he purchased for planting last September at the MOFGA Common Ground Fair.

We've had a ton of rain which produced an another unexpected harvest - Garry found these Boletus mushrooms at the edge of the woods and cooked them up to go with the pot roast dinner he prepared for us on Sunday evening. Delicious! Our grandsons Brey and Wyeth provide a good human scale to show the size of the Boletuses!

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