Friday, July 18, 2008

Dix Drawings

Gebert. 1914

Kind an der Brust, dazu Studie des rechten Beines und der Hande. 1924

Essende Frau. 1922

Hansi. 1921

Liegende. 1929

Scherzo. 1915

Schlafende. 1914

I bought an old catalog of drawings by the German expressionist Otto Dix in the used and for sale section at the MECA library. They routinely sell off their old art books for cheap. I always enjoy seeing artists' drawings, especially artists whose most well known work is their paintings. This catalog is entirely in German. Have fun translating!


Bill Sharp said...

These are wonderful! I love the German Expressionists and Dix is one of my favorites.

Do you know Sue Coe? I often think of Dix when I see her work.

artslice said...

What a find! I am also a huge fan of the German Expressionists. I bought a great book recently of German Expressionist Woodcuts published by Dover... it's wonderful.

Bill Sharp is right, Dix and Sue Coe do have similarities. I saw her show years back at Lewis and Clark College in Portland... powerful stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Both:

I'll have to look up Sue Coe! Thanks for dropping by!