Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Woman with Wounded Man

I've changed the title of this series to Woman with Wounded Man, rather than Wounded Man with Woman. Just sounds better. I decided to use collaged photocopies with the linoleum block print. (Sorry about the poor quality of the 3rd pic - took these on the fly in the dark last night on my way out of the studio). I have added metallic silver and gold borders, and am working into the pieces with charcoal powder and turp. I plan to stitch into them with black thread, and to add some color using pastels and colored pencils. I might add a bit more collaged elements. I'm thinking of somehow adding a different flower to each piece. They are coming along. I'll post the finished products when completed!


artslice said...

Very nice! Interesting title and the stitching sounds great, I'll be looking for the finished product:)

Susan Beauchemin said...

OOOOH!! Nice!! Stormy!!

martha miller said...

hey, thanks, sue & brenda -
these are fun!

aStaples said...

Hi Martha,
So great to see your new work. I've always been a fan of your portraits of MECA students.(I secretly hoped you ask to do one of me.)
I really dug the Mills Brothers clip also. I am adding your blog and website links to my blog. Like Garrison Keilor says, "Be well and do good work".
Aaron Staples

martha miller said...

Hi Aaron

Thanks for dropping by - I know we've probably met but forgive me if I don't connect a face to your name. Did you just graduate? (Illustration?)
Your blog is great - love it!
If I start up another series of portraits (which I may do sometime soon) you will have to sit for me!

Yup - and as G.K. also says:
keep in touch

William K. Moore said...

Martha.. nice to weigh in here with some new blood.. and some art unbeknownst to me. Excellent work and I enjoy your expressive figure compositions and color usage.

Don Gray said...

This group is great already--moody and passionate, with interesting juxtapositions of media/style.

martha miller said...

Hi William

Thanks! I enjoyed finding your blog - love the energy in your work!
And do find some books @ the library on Kitaj - I think you'll find a kindred spirit!

martha miller said...

Thanks, Don!
Hey, I thought you threw in the towel?