Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sister Sue

Two portraits of my sister Sue. Also an old photo of us with our mother, Edna. That's Sue on the right, trying to get those bangs swept over just right!
(Or you could read this as me, all whiny, scared and needy, and Sue just getting down to work. Things don't change much!)

Sue, 1994
pastel on Rives BFK, 15" x 22"
collection of Susan Beauchemin

Susan, 1975
from the burnt journal, pencil


Susan Beauchemin said...

Egad! There I am!! Better than I look right now--good thing there's no video cam on this computer--wait, let me get my hair just right! I love the old photo!

martha miller said...

oh susie Q

yes, what a great old picture!

i need to do another portrait of you - it's only been fourteen years since the last! (yikes...)

(that's today's word verification - sounds like a greeting!)