Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In Celebration of Self Portraits

A few favorites: Anne Harris, Edvard Munch, Paula Modersohn Becker, Max Beckmann, Kiki Smith, Chuck Close, Frida Kahlo, Francis Bacon, Paula Rego, Vincent Van Gogh.
Also, check out this wonderful You Tube video!


artslice said...

The first one by Anne Harris is so real! It brings back memories of feeling like I would just have to live like that 'forever'... thinking the baby would never come. Funny how a painting can evoke such a personal, viseral (spelling?!) response.

Nice collection!

martha miller said...

Brenda, I saw an entire room filled with Harris's pregnant self-portraits and it actually made me feel dizzy - I had to sit down! They are very powerful to see in person.

martha miller said...

Oh - that Anne Harris exhibit was at the Bowdoin college art museum in Brunswick, Maine about 4 years ago.

artslice said...

She is unforgettable! Wish I could've seen them in person. I wonder if she has a website... I'll have to google her.

martha miller said...

Hi Brenda

Here is a link to more images of Harris' work:


She has a book of portraits called Without Likeness - you can google that!