Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Window Piece

OK, so now you get the general idea that I'm nuts about birds. I am still trying to decide what to put in a gallery window here in Portland for the month of May (I've been invited to design a piece of art for this big window...). May is when the hummingbirds return, so I want to speak about that somehow...
Here is a photoshop collaged "sketch" of the beginnings of an idea, using a Martin Johnson Heade painting, a photo of the back of my head, and some hummingbird drawings I found on-line. It's a red and green diptych - a self-portrait. I might make two big drawings to hang in the window, then paint my head(s) on the window. This "sketch" is just a rudimentary blueprint (or should I say, red/greenprint??)
Stay tuned...

Study for Red/Green Self, 2008
photoshop collage

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