Thursday, March 27, 2008

Salvaged Journals

Amazingly, two of my drawing journals survived the fire. They were charred and very wet from being doused by fire hoses, but I was able to lay the pages out on the grass to dry in the sun and then put them into plastic sleeves. The drawings are actually quite beautiful with burnt edges. These are figure studies I did with The North Berwick Drawing Group in the early 80's.
Mindy Standing, 1983
pencil on paper, 6" x 9" (approx)
Harris Seated, 1983
pencil on paper, 6" x 9" (approx)
Marissa Reclining, 1983
pencil on paper, 2 sheets 6" x 9" each (approx)
Mindy Seated, 1983
pencil on paper, 6" x 9" (approx)


Susan Beauchemin said...

I love the burnt edges--Do you have any of these framed--the last one of the girls back would be beautiful framed!

martha miller said...

I don't have any of them framed. They have been sitting in a three ring binder for the last several years...

I have 2 self-portraits that survived that I've thought about framing...

You and I were together in RI when the barn burned down!

Susan Beauchemin said...

I remember that day well--you were surrounded by all your sisters and Mom. We could all tell it was some kind of trouble you were hearing over the phone--it was unbelievable news, but you almost immediately accepted it like--"Well, there's that!"

Anonymous said...

I had just cleaned and organized my whole studio (which was upstairs) that spring and the downstairs part of the barn was still packed with junk - mostly Andy's stuff from where he had worked on his cars (yes, plural) and I was going to tackle that cleaning project very soon. When I heard about the fire, part of me thought, Well'p, at least I don't have to clean the barn! Sadly, Andy and his friend Mike had started to build me my new studio upstairs with the money I earned selling my self-portrait to Tabitha King. That was going to be a niiice studio. Sigh. I guess I'm finally feeling sad about it.