Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ashley Bryan

Last summer my husband Garry and I took our grandsons Brey and Wyeth out to Little Cranberry Island (Islesford) for a couple of days to visit their Aunt Kaitlyn (our daughter) and her fiance, Cory. Kaitlyn and Cory live on Little Cranberry in the summer where Kait works as a potter and Cory as a carpenter. Kaitlyn and Cory are friends of Ashley Bryan, an artist, poet, children's book writer and COLLECTOR! I put this in caps, because we had the privilege of touring Ashley's Islesford home which is filled to the brim with toys, dolls, weavings, tapestries, sculptures, and folk art from around the world! It is a joyful, magical and inspiring place! The most amazing thing there was a gorgeous stained glass window showing the stations of the cross made by Mr. Bryan from found beach glass held together with a newspaper papier mache. Incredible.
The colors, textures and images from that house have stayed with me and continue to influnce my work.

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