Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aucocisco Group Show

Rachael Eastman’s recent paintings explore a merger of memory, visceral awareness, and an empathetic response to the coastal Maine landscape. Influenced by color field painting, Japanese aesthetics, and Zen concepts alike, her colored abstractions reference nature as condensed for reflection.

Judy O'Donnell's bronze works are inspired by the transformative energies of nature. Daily walks in the woods provide an infinite variety of settings, symbols, textures and elements, such as twisted roots and the filigree of lichen from which to evolve self-portraits and other depictions of man's primitive inter-connectedness to his environment.

My mother’s loss of memory due to the ravages of Alzheimer’s and her recent death prompted me to create this series of drawings, a triptych populated by three major spirits: my mother, my father, and my maternal grandmother. A Girl’s Primer speaks of love, loss, dreams, desire, memory and experience, and the early forces that shaped me.

Tanya Fletcher’s figurative paintings are predominantly oil on birch panel. The artist uses the figure as a metaphor, creating psychological and/or philosophical images.

Michele A. Caron’s current body of work is an exploration of repetitive structure and geometry in pigment-rich industrial enamels. Her work is a progression of drawing techniques with an underlining influence of commercial graphics, show card lettering and automotive pin striping.

All photos courtesy of Aucocisco Galleries.


lauren@spicedplate said...

Everything looks fantastic -- I love Tanya's work, too (plus she's such a sweet person!) I can't wait to see the show in person!

martha miller said...

Hi Lauren!

Aucocisco is open Wed - Sat, noon - 5pm!
Hope you can get over and see the show!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Everything looks so nice--what a great show! Are you going to go back and take some of your own pictures?? Hint Hint

martha miller said...

yes, i will!

Begnaud said...

Fantastic new work! Trying my best to make it down for the show

martha miller said...

Hey, Joe!!

I will be in the gallery tomorrow the 10th and next Sat the 17th doing portraits, noon - 5pm! I'd love to see you! Whenever you go, I'd love your feedback! How's Lewiston treating you? I heard Beatta will be teaching there another year? Fantastic! xo