Thursday, March 18, 2010

Camp Mystery

Another portrait started of the man on the left in this old family photo. The man on the right is my great-grandfather Camp, my father's mother's father. I'm not sure who the man on the left is, or how he is related to me, but he looks very familiar. I think he might be my great uncle. Whoever he is, I have spent the afternoon camped out on my porch staring at his grainy digital image trying to resurrect him with charcoal. chalk, and acrylic paint. Sounds a little freaky. It felt a little freaky. But good. Better than digging up his remains and parading them through the streets. Maybe it's the same thing.


Kaitlyn said...

Way cool, I love this drawing Mom! I like where you're headed. Get it, headed? Haha. No really, nice work! And by the way, I really like your title Mything Persons (or is it people? either way). It's got great versatility. I want to see more dead people!

martha miller said...

ok, wait here while i go dig some up!

hee hee

thanks, honey! it feels good where i'm heading (heading! ha ha)

it just might be mything persons. even if it sounds like a lisp. a bit of comedy is always good, eh? :^P

love you

Susan Beauchemin said...

NICE!! I really like this portrait and in black and white--that old time collar closed with a dot?! Cool, and his attitude--very familiar--reminds me of our family--maybe more of my own son!

Dean Grey said...

I SO love this portrait, Martha!

It looks gritty and haunting and cool!

Maybe it's because it's a period picture or that it's done in all gray tones.

In any case, this one just speaks to me!


martha miller said...

Hey, Sue!

Yes, doesn't this guy look very familiar! He reminds me a bit of Eben, too. I think that he might be our great grandmother Zillah's brother. Just a guess.
Zillah! Now there's a name! (God, Zillah, what are you doing?!) No child of mine could be named Zillah. Zillah Miller! Not good...

martha miller said...

Oooh, thanks, Dean! Gritty Haunting and Cool I'll take! It IS a bit spooky doing these portraits of ancestors!