Thursday, May 22, 2008


I got the urge to do a self-portrait today - I hadn't done one in months. It felt good to do. My daughter is getting married and I've learned that the Mother of the Bride is supposed to wear beige. This piece is titled The Mother of the Bride Wears Beige/Self. In addition to joyful emotions, a daughter getting married can bring up some hard to admit issues from the shadow side, like loss, aging, jealousy, competitiveness (think Snow White and the Evil Queen!). Maybe that's why MOB's are commanded to wear beige, so they'll sink into the woodwork and not take any of the limelight!
The Mother of the Bride Wears Beige/Self, 2008
charcoal, pastel, watercolor, ink, and collage on Rives BFK, 30" x 40"


Susan Beauchemin said...

Ha! Mother of the bride wears beige! Nice one! I love the glazed look in the eye.

Don Gray said...

Wonderful. So inventive how you handled the hair with the scarf. There's a hint of humor in the image too--maybe a touch of self-parody??

martha miller said...

Thanks Sue and Don

There's more than a touch of self parody!!